KKK leader’s wife, stepson charged with his murder

LEADWOOD, MO – The wife and stepson of a man who called himself the “imperial wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan have been charged with his murder.

The body of Frank Ancona, 51, was found on Saturday.

His wife, Malissa Ancona, initially told police that her husband had left to go on a work assignment across the state. However, according to KMOV, Malissa later told investigators that her son, Paul Edward Jinkerson, Jr., shot and killed Frank while he was asleep. She also admitted to helping her son try to destroy blood evidence and alter the crime scene.

Both Malissa Ancona and Jinkerson, Jr., were charged with murder.

On Monday, Frank Ancona’s son posted a message to Facebook, saying, “They have the story, they found the evidence, this was a very violent murder and they tried to cover it up. Thank you for Washington County and St. Francois County for getting the closure my family needed.”

He went on to say that he personally questioned Malissa and PJ (Paul) about his father’s disappearance. He said deputies promised to find him.

“They did end up finding him in a way I feared and absolutely heart broke me,” he wrote.

Ancona’s vehicle was found in a remote area on Friday. He was last seen alive on Wednesday.


BELGRADE, MO – The imperial wizard of the Traditionalist Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Frank Ancona, was found dead on Saturday.

Ancona, who lived in Leadwood, Missouri, had been missing since Wednesday. Police called the 51-year-old’s disappearance suspicious, according to the Associated Press.

A U.S. Forest Service employee found Ancona’s vehicle on a remote road in Potosi on Friday. Authorities searched the area, but didn’t find Ancona. However, according to Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen, they did find evidence of a burn pile near Ancona’s vehicle.

On Saturday, a family fishing near Big River found Ancona’s body, according to the Daily Journal of Park Hills.

“We processed the scene and the body was transported by the Washington County Coroner’s office for an autopsy to determine a cause of death,” said Jacobsen. “The body was positively identified as Frank Ancona and his family was notified.”

Jacobsen said the search wasn’t easy, especially because of comments posted on social media.

“Law enforcement was attacked terribly on Facebook and officers were called in on their days off to help,” said Jacobsen. “At the end of the day, the professionalism shined through all the negativity and we were able to bring some closure to the family.”

Ancona’s wife, Malissa Ancona, told authorities that her husband got a call from his job and had to drive across the state to deliver a part. However, his job said they never sent such a request, according to the Daily Journal Online.

Authorities also said they could not initially reach Malissa after Frank was reported missing. After officers decided to search their home, Malissa and Frank’s stepson showed up. Authorities found a safe inside the home that appeared to have been beaten with a crowbar. All of the contents inside were gone, although police did not believe it was a robbery.

Police questioned Malissa about a Facebook post she wrote on the day Frank disappeared, in which she said she was looking for a new roommate. Malissa told investigators Frank intended to divorce her when he returned from his work assignment, and she figured she would need a roommate to pay bills.

Authorities said all of Frank’s firearms were missing. Malissa told investigators her husband took them with him.

An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.


FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA – A teen mom, who along with her son, were missing for nearly a month, returned home on Friday night, according to the Fairfax County Police Department.

“Lizzy Rivera Colindres returned home last night (February 11) shortly before midnight. She and the baby boy, Aidan, were in good health. We will continue to work with the family and provide assistance as needed,” the department said in a press release.

The pair had been missing since Jan. 15. Authorities believed Colindres

At first, detectives thought the girl left voluntarily with Aidan’s father, Jose Ivan Castillo Rivas, 18, however other developments suggested the teen mother and her baby might have been in danger and left with Rivas out of fear.

No word on the whereabouts of Castillo or if any charges will be filed against him.


FOUKE, AR – What caused a 12-year-old boy to do the unthinkable?

That’s what residents in a small Arkansas town are asking themselves as a young boy stands accused of robbery and murder.

Last Thursday morning, a newspaper delivery woman found the body of 21-year-old Christa Shockley, a part-time store clerk and college student, on the floor of the E-Z Mart convenient store she worked at. She had been shot to death.

Hours later, police identified the suspect as a 12-year-old boy. Authorities said they recovered the clothes the boy was wearing and the gun he used in the shooting.

Because of his age, few details are being released about the suspect, who has been charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery. He is being held at a juvenile dentation center, according to the Texarkana Gazette.

It was the town’s first murder in decades, according to the Washington Post.


NEW YORK – The man who police believe murdered a female jogger last summer told police he did it because he was angry.

“I was angry. I had some issues at home. I just lost it. When I saw her, I just hit her and kept hitting her. I hit her and choked her,” said Chanel Lewis, according to police sources who shared the information with the New York Post.

Lewis, 20, was charged for second-degree murder on Sunday.

Chanel Lewis

Authorities said Karina Vetrano, 30, was jogging last August in Spring Creek Park in Queens when the attack happened. Police said Karina was also raped.

During the attack, detectives said Karina put up a desperate fight against her attacker, which helped lead police to the suspect.

“She had the DNA under her nails. She had touch DNA on her back, and there was more DNA on the cellphone,” said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

According to NBC New York, detectives developed a profile of Lewis in the last 10 days.

Detectives also said Lewis made incriminating statements to them in describing details of the attack.

Karina Vetrano

At Lewis’ court arraignment, Karina’s mother, Cathie Vetrano, shouted at the suspect.

“A savage murder! He fucking murdered my daughter, my beautiful innocent daughter! Now your nightmare begins!” she said. “He’s a demon! He should be in hell and burn in hell!”

Karina’s mother also told reporters, “We’re glad he’s off the streets so he could never kill anyone else’s daughter. The demon must get his justice, and we will see to it.

According to investigators, Lewis was unemployed and lived with his mother.

He had no criminal history, but was summoned for public urination and violating park rules in the park where the attack happened.

His father described Lewis as a “humble kid” and good student.