Illinois police arrest man dressed in tactical gear, carrying AR-15

Police in Illinois arrested a man they say was dressed in tactical gear and carrying a loaded AR-15 rifle.

According to a police affidavit obtained by True Crime Mysteries, officers responded to an apartment complex in Carterville, Illinois at 7:07 a.m. on Sunday, after receiving a 911 call from a concerned neighbor.

When officers arrived, they say Gregory Martin, 23, walked out of his apartment wearing a green tactical style panel vest and green army helmet.

“He also had armor covering his arms and a green bandana tied around his neck,” read the police affidavit. “As he exited the apartment, he pointed the barrel in the direction of officers who had responded to the call.”

After a brief hesitation, police said Martin followed their orders to put down the gun.

Officers searched Martin and found a loaded Ruger model P95 handgun in his front pants pockets and found three AR-15 magazines located in the pouches of his vest, according to the report.

Officers also said the AR-15 rifle was found to have a loaded magazine and a round in the chamber.

Officers found two more weapons inside Martin’s apartment along with “several other questionable items.”

WSIL-TV interviewed Martin’s landlord.

“You can see by his flag in his window, he evidently views himself as some type of a patriot,” the landlord,  Dan Shasteen, told the station.

Shasteen said Martin never did anything to raise a red flag and he was stunned to hear of his arrest.

“A lot of these 12 apartments are rented to families. Husband, wife and small children, so when you hear of a guy with a semi-automatic weapon, it just scares us to death,” said Shasteen.

Martin faces charges for Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons, Unlawful Use of Body Armor, Aggravated Assault and Disorderly Conduct.


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