SANDUSKY, OHIO — A couple has been charged with inducing panic after police say they faked a murder scene.

Fox  8 in Cleveland reports that police in Sandusky, Ohio responded to a home after receiving a couple of 911 calls about a woman who had been brutally murdered.

Investigators say 29-year-old Micah Risner sent a text message to family members with a photo showing his girlfriend, Nataleigh Schlette, in the bathtub. It appeared she had been murdered.

fake murder
Photo: Sandusky Police

“Please help me! I really didn’t mean to. I don’t remember. We was arguing and I woke up to this,” read the text message.

After receiving the 911 calls, police rushed to the scene, anticipating a killer might be in the couple’s home.

But when they arrived, they found the couple, who confessed it was a hoax.

The couple was trying to get Risner’s sister to come to the house and that’s why they created the hoax, investigators say.

They were both charged with inducing panic.

“They created a scenario in someone’s mind that something really bad happened. The lesson for them is that they have to be accountable for their actions,” said Sandusky Police Chief John Orzech.