Main Suspect in Double-Homicide

DELPHI, IN – A man who was seen walking along the trail where two Indiana teenagers disappeared is now considered a suspect in their murders.

Investigators had previously told the public they wanted to speak to the man to see if he could provide them with any information about the girls.

Abigail Williams and Liberty German

“He’s not just someone we want to talk to; we consider him a suspect in these murders,” said Sgt. Tony Slocum. “We’re officially calling him a suspect versus a subject we’re looking to speak to. He’s going to be our main suspect at this time.”

A relative dropped off Liberty German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, so they could spend the day hiking. But the girls never showed up to the location where they were supposed to meet another relative later that day.

Their bodies were found last Tuesday near Deer Creek near Delphi, about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

While authorities have not disclosed how the girls died, they are treating the deaths as a double-homicide.

Authorities released a photo of the man, but said he did not contact them in the days after, according to CBS News.

“That doesn’t make him a suspect by not contacting us. It’s the totality of the evidence we’ve been developing so far that leads us to that, said Slocum.

Anyone with information about the man or about the investigation should call the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department at 765-564-2413, the Delphi Police at 765-564-2345 or the Indiana State Police at 765-567-2125. Callers can remain anonymous.


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