NEW YORK – Neighbors say they often heard the couple who lived in a fourth floor apartment in Brooklyn fighting.

“I remember the last time I seen them they was fighting. They had police up and down,” recalled Denise Cork, one of Phillip Martin and Diana Rodriguez-Martin’s neighbors.

“I would hear them arguing all the time, like, ‘I’ll kill you. I’ll f—you up,’ always cursing and fighting, so I’m kind of shocked,” said Cork.

Cork never imagined the arguments and fights would go beyond that.

Diana Rodriguez-Martin

But on Friday, police arrested 42-year-old Phillip, charging him with his wife’s murder.

According to WABC, Phillip confessed to murdering and dismembering his wife.

Diana was last seen at the couple’s apartment in mid-January. The 43-year-old was reported missing on Monday, nearly a month later.

Investigators examined evidence in the couple’s apartment on Friday.

So far, police have not been able to locate Diana’s remains.


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